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Everyone! It doesn’t matter your age, whether you come as a family or as friends, whether you’re a resident or tourist, a large group or small – everyone is welcome to Meet me on Bernard.

Meet me on Bernard is completely free to attend.

The concept of Meet me on Bernard evolved from efforts to provide more public space in crowded areas during the pandemic. The road closure started as a safety measure.

Meet me on Bernard is foundationally allowing people to better share space, but as an added benefit, the initiative moves us toward more integrated transportation, promoting less cars on the street, it also allows for support of local businesses and more animated public spaces – all important priorities that our residents have defined through Imagine Kelowna.

As we continue to grow this initiative and we’re welcoming any and all feedback, including input on the length of the program. The public can submit feedback about their experience on Bernard once the program launches through any of the participating partner websites (Downtown Kelowna, Tourism Kelowna, City of Kelowna).

Finding a ‘middle-ground’ was important to balance our desire to support businesses while ensuring we develop the program appropriately. Above and beyond last year, this year’s program has new and increasing logistical, operational, and budgetary considerations – essentially a lot more moving parts.

Luckily, we have a number of community sponsors on board to help cover the cost of the initiative. Look out for a list of our sponsors as we get closer to the event.

We want to hear from residents, visitors, and businesses! We appreciate all feedback as we seek to grow this new initiative. We want to know – did you enjoy your time on Bernard? We will have a survey up on this site as soon as Meet me on Bernard starts so please let us know what you think!

Parking directly on Bernard will be limited. However, there are three parkades within walking distance including the Chapman Parkade, Library and Memorial Parkades as well as on street parking nearly. Accessible parking stalls on Bernard have been relocated to locations as close to Bernard as possible. Check out our parking page for more details.